Join our Seminar at the Institute of Liturgical Studies, April 2024

Kent and Rhoda will be leading a seminar on adult faith formation at the Institute of Liturgical Studies (ILS), Valparaiso University, on Tuesday afternoon, April 9, 2024.

Here is the description of our three-hour seminar:

Adult Faith Formation: A Prophetic Challenge to Religious Consumerism

A consumer culture challenges the church on two fronts. From within, an “attractional” pattern for outreach has commodified the church and its message. From without, the marketplace is recognizing the spiritual void in our secular culture and is pitching its wares with promises to provide “a sense of identity, purpose, meaning, and community” (Hirsch, The Forgotten Ways, 131, 107).

We are convinced that robust adult faith formation practices and rich rituals are a prophetic challenge to these internal and external issues. This seminar will offer background material on adult faith formation, facilitate small group studies and discussions, and lead participants through experiential learning on ritual.

For information about the full ILS conference, “Creation, Not Commodity: The Church’s Liturgy in a Consumer Culture,” April 9 – 11, click here.

Early registration (before February 29) is $275.00 and increases to $325.00 after that date. For first-time attendees and retired people, registration is only $200.00.

The seminar costs an additional $75.00.

To register for the conference click here.